Digital Video Recorder Models 

CP PLUS - DVR Card :
4 Channel :
CP-9404 | CP-9404A-L | CP-9804

8 Channel :

DAHUA - DVR Card :
4 Channel :
DH-VEC8004HD | DH-DVR0404HD-A | DH-DVR2104C | DH-DVR2104H | DH-DVR2104HC | DH-DVR2104HE | DH-DVR5104 | DH-DVR5104C | DH-DVR5104HE | DH-DVR5204A | DH-DVR5204L | DH-DVR5404 | DH-DVR5804 | VS-DVR5104H

8 Channel :
DH-VEC0804 1604F-E | DH-VEC0804 1604LC | DH-VEC8008 8016HB-E | DH-VEC8008 8016HB | DH-DVR2108C | DH-DVR2108H | DH-DVR2108HC |DH-DVR2108HE | DH-DVR5108 | DH-DVR5108C | DH-DVR5108HE | DH-DVR5208A | DH-DVR5208L | DH-DVR5408 | DH-DVR5808 | VS-DVR5108H

16 Channel : 
DH-VEC0404 0804 1604FB | DH-DVR2116 | DH-DVR2116C | DH-DVR2116H | DH-DVR2116HC | DH-DVR2116HE | DH-DVR5116 | DH-DVR5116C | DH-DVR5116HE | DH-DVR5216A | DH-DVR5216L | DH-DVR5416 | DH-DVR5816 | VS-DVR5116H

4/8/16 Channel :
DH-DVR5104-5108-5116-2116 | DH-DVR5104-5108-5116-2116C | DH-DVR5204A-5208A-5216A | DH-DVR5204L-5208L-5216L | DH-DVR5404-5408-5416 | DH-DVR5804-5808-5816 | DVR5104-5108-5116-2116H | DVR5104-5108-5116-2116HE

The CCTV DVR has some basic advantages which are listed below:

♦ Set up of video surveillance helps to prevent undesirable actions in the premises of your home and offices.
♦ It helps to increase protection of your homes and office spaces.
♦ The presence of these cameras helps to monitor on-site activities and guard the premises from anti-social elements and thefts.
♦ The installation of these cameras also helps to reduce security staff in the premises. So guards need to be placed only at important exits and entrances.
♦ Tracks and records every movement that transpires within the area of the surveillance equipment. These recordings can be used for future investigations in the court or elsewhere.
♦ Availability of various features which improves the quality of video recording.

CCTV Camera   

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Dome Camera

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