Indoor Dome CCTV Camera
DPRO-L36W Indoor Dome CCTV Camera, 24 Infrared LEDs, 700TVL 3.6mm Lens 

The DPRO-L36W is an indoor dome CCTV camera with infrared night vision capability that is designed for indoor video surveillance applications. This camera supports 960H resolution / 700 TV lines of resolution (976 x 494 pixels).

The DPRO-L36W comes with a fixed 3.6mm lens, which provides slightly less than a 90 degree field of view. 3.6mm lenses are typically used on indoor CCTV cameras that are designed to be placed in the corner of a small to medium sized room. The angle of view that the lens provides can usually cover the entire room with little to no blind spot.

Click here to see sample pictures and surveillance videos that were captured using this camera.

This indoor dome supports day and night vision mode. There is a sensor on the camera that detects the light level of the room. When the light level goes below a certain level, the night vision mode is engaged, which turns the camera from color to black and white, engaged the IR cut filter, and turns the 24 built-in IR LEDs on. This camera has built in "Smart IR" which adjusts the intensity of the infrared illumination based on objects moving closer and further from view. This camera can produce up to a 75 to 80ft infrared viewing range in total darkness.
Another feature that helps with IR night vision is the SENS-UP function built into the cameras on screen display. Installers can access and navigate the OSD menu on this camera via 5 buttons located at the camera base when the dome cover is removed. The SENS-UP function that is accessed via the OSD intensifies the light in low light applications to create a brighter night shot. Most users will find that the factory default settings are fine for almost any application, but advanced users can tweak the settings of this camera using the on screen display.

The DPRO-L36W is enclosed in a white plastic base which is made for indoor use. This dome camera is also available in a black base version here: DPRO-L36 dome IR camera.

DPRO-L36W Features

  • 1/3" 520K Sony Super HAD II Color CCD
  • 700TVL Resolution - Compatible with all analog DVRs including the latest 960H CCTV DVRs
  • 3.6mm Fixed Auto Iris Lens
  • 24 IR LEDs can produce up to a 75 to 80ft (25m) effective viewing range
  • Smart IR allows for a more balanced infrared lighting
  • Indoor white dome base / clear plastic dome cover protects camera
  • Tri-axis mount for ceiling or wall installations
  • Infrared for low light and zero light applications
  • .01 LUX without IRs / 0 LUX with IRs on
  • Advanced On Screen Display (OSD) controls via push buttons and controls: Light sensitivity, exposure, white balance, day/night, digital noise reduction, color, SENS-UP, and sharpness adjustments
  • DC power supply included, Max 2.0 Watt consumption

Recommended Surveillance Installations / Applications

CCTV Camera Pros recommends the DPRO-L36 for the following types of video surveillance installations and applications.
  • Indoor surveillance only, this is not a weatherproof dome
  • Installations which require high TVL video resolution
  • Variable lighting level, such as bright light, low light or total darkness
  • Ceiling mount or wall mount application using the tri-axis mount
  • Great for residential, commercial, and government surveillance installations
  • Recommended to be mounted a total distance of between 5 and 22 feet away from the area under surveillance. Refer toCCTV camera lens chart. 
  • Ceiling mount is small to medium sized rooms. Can cover entire rooms up to 22 x 22 feet when ceiling or wall mounted 8 foot or higher in a corner.

Sample Surveillance Pictures

These 2 sample image snapshots were taken using the DPRO-L36W in the test lab in our Lantana, Florida office / warehouse. This room is 21 feet long by 13 feet wide. The camera is ceiling mounted 8 feet high in the corner of the room

This first image was taken with the office lights on to show the day time surveillance capability of the camera.

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