BPRO-316VF Varifocal Bullet Camera, Indoor / Outdoor CCTV Surveillance 


The BPRO-316VF is a varifocal bullet camera made for indoor and outdoor CCTV surveillance. The BPRO-316VF uses a Sony 1/3" 520k Super HAD CCD II sensor which supports 700 TV lines of resolution (also known as 960H resolution). This bullet cam has a 3.5-16mm varifocal lens which allows installers to adjust the angle of view from 3.5mm (wide angle of approximately 90 degrees) to more zoomed in angle at the 16mm setting.

The BPRO-316VF is enclosed in a IP66 compliant weatherproof housing which allows it to be used indoors or outdoors. For outdoor surveillance applications where the camera is exposed to the sun, we recommend using the sun shield that is included. The shield is optional for indoor surveillance applications.

The 3-axis concealed cable bracket allows this security camera to be ceiling or wall mounted. The cable through bracket design protects the video and power cable from being tampered with.

The x8 Sense-up feature allows this camera to be used in low light applications. Please take a look at the sample surveillance images captured with the BPRO-316VF here and sample surveillance videos using the BPRO-316VF here.

For ultra low light and zero light applications, CCTV Camera Pros recommends using an Infrared Camera. 

Bullet Camera Features

  • High Resolution CCTV camera
  • 700 TVL Resolution (960H)
  • 1/3" 520k Sony Super HAD II Color CCD
  • Works with all CCTV DVRs including widescreen format 960H DVRs
  • 3.5-16mm Varifocal Lens
  • IP66 Compliant Weatherproof Housing
  • Smart 3D - DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
  • D-WDR (Digital Wide Dynamic Range) where strong back lighting occurs
  • Sense-Up x8 for low light surveillance applications
  • Tri-Axis Mounting Bracket
  • Secure Cable Through Bracket Design

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