Tekno Electro is manufacturer of Video Security surveillance and CCTV camera. We are importer of all Video CCTV security cameras like Night Vision Camera, IR speed Dome Camera, IR 3rd Gen Camera, HD camera, IR Dome Camera, Outdoor Camera, Wireless CCTV camera, HD SDI CCTV camera & 36 LED mini Outdoor camera, PTZ Speed dome camera, Indoor camera, Plastic dome camera, Verifocal Camera, Bullet camera, Vandal proof Camera, Dome Camera, Plastic Dome Camera, IR Dome Camera, Bullet IR Camera etc in all over India. Our HD CCTV security camera deliver image quality that is far superior to traditional analog CCTV and provides a cost-effective video surveillance solution that is easy to install and integrate with existing CCTV systems. If you need higher quality images than analog CCTV without running an IP network, is the answer. (HD CCTV) delivers detailed, high definition images with no compression artifacts or transmission-related delays.


  • TES-4840S4
    Veiw Description
  • TES-4840S
    Veiw Description
  • TES-4840S3
    Veiw Description
  • TES-R-900B4
    Veiw Description
  • TES-FI8908W
    Veiw Description
  • TES-7
    Veiw Description
  • TES-002S2
    Veiw Description
  • TES-IRD2120S
    Veiw Description
  • TES-002S3 
    Veiw Description

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