Outdoor CCTV Security Camera, PIR Motion Sensor Light, Alarm Relay Out 

The PIR-BL7 is a weatherproof CCTV security camera with a built-in PIR motion sensor light and alarm relay inputs / outputs. The security light consists of 30 white LEDs and serves a dual purpose as a intruder deterrent system and illumination for video capture. This camera does not use infrared technology. Instead, the camera always operates in color and during night time operations the built-in motion detector senses movement of human sized objects when they come approximately within 30 feet of the PIR sensor. When motion is detected, the white LEDs turn on and illuminate the area that the camera is providing video surveillance for.

The PIR-BL7 is a 960H resolution CCTV camera which means that it captures video at 976 x 494 pixels and works with 960H and D1 analog DVRs. The 2.8-12mm varifocal lens can be adjusted using the zoom and focus rings located on the bottom side of the camera housing. This camera uses the latest 1/3" 960H Sony Super HAD II CCD (image sensor).

The PIR-BL7 uses Sense-Up image intensifier technology to capture color video in low light, however, this camera will not capture images well in zero light until the LED lights turn on. Watch this demo surveillance video to see the camera operate in normal light and night time with the lights on. Click here to see pictures of a home surveillance system installation that uses the PIR-BL7.

This surveillance camera has built-in alarm relays and a digital output that can be used to integrate with additional security and alarm functions.


  • IP66 Weatherproof for Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance
  • 700 Lines of Resolution / 960H CCTV
  • Built-in PIR Motion Sensor
  • Motion Activated Security Light
  • Infrared Camera Alternative
  • Alarm Relay In / Out
  • Digital Alarm Output
  • 30 White LEDs
  • 1/3" Sony CCD (Super HAD Day/Night)
  • 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens
  • Captures Color Video in Low Light
  • Sense-Up Image Intensifier Technology
  • 3-Axis Cable Through Body Mount
  • Dual Voltage 12V DC / 24VAC
  • Power supply included


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